Whoa look I’m not dead

Welp, started packing for the Dirty Kanza 200. I figure now that everyone is there and settled in I should start packing and roll out in the morning to make the riders meeting.
I’m not lazy, it’s just bike season in the bike shop. And I’ve been working hard doing some bike event recon myself as of late in my free time and things sort of crept up on me.

This is Dirty Kanza 200 #4 for me this year, and despite spending the majority of my time on the mountain bike recently, I am certain I am going into this year in the best position I have. First off, I am not riding a fixed gear this time, thank god.  I need at least another year to forget how bad an idea that was(It wasn’t that bad, but coasting downhills is much looked forward too). Maybe again for #5, or maybe not.


Blood Wagon. DK200 2015 Fixed finish

But I digress.

Things I am super stoked on that put me in a better position:

-I’ve got a dedicated pit person this year, which I haven’t in the last few Kanzas, so that is super comforting. No more checkpoint foraging for friends to rescue me.


-I am riding wheels+tires I am super stoked on. Clement Ushuaia wheels with new 36c tubeless MSOs with added sidewall protection. 45psi or so, will drop if needed.


-My bar setup is dialed.

I’ve spent enough time dialing in my aero bar setup that I am super cozy in them for hour after hour. For events this long, I can’t imagine not having them.

Take an old moldy water bottle and cut it into a cue sheet holder, attach with zip ties, hold cards with c clips. Boom. You are welcome.


-40×17 gear ratio

It’s settled. I love this gear. I keep debating bumping up to a 41t up front, not because I want or need a bigger gear, but because 41 is a prime number, as is 17, so it just seems like the PRIME RATIO.

-Liquid calories.

I’ve gotten pretty into drinking my calories. This helps take load off my digestive system and absorbs fast. Try it! Carborocket 333 and Infinit Go Far are my favs, with Hammer perpetuem being a runner up, mostly because it goes sour after 3 hours while the other dont. Drink shortly after mixing!

-Last but not least, I am really pretty stoked on the Lauf fork taking the edge off my front end, especially while in the aero bars. This thing lets me stay in the aero bars longer on rougher terrain, removing some of the annoying back and forth that usually occurs on rough roads.

Seriously stoked.

See you tomorrow Kansas. Lets kick some ass Saturday. Lets beat the sun. (And/or just ride with Watts all day. Win/win)


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