Everyday, something new.

After my friends at NCC and I all announced we had put in our two weeks notice we constantly were being asked what we were doing next.

I didn’t have an answer, up until now, sort of.

From late September through mid Janurary I will be on the road doing support for the Raleigh Clement professional cyclocross team.


Illinois locals know the Raleigh Clement team by their kind presence and humble dominance of Axletree’s Gravel Metric the last handful of years, and by Clement generously being one of the title sponsors helping us put on an event that is free to the riders. They are a great group of people, and I am beyond excited to go on such a 4 month journey, and travel to so many places I have not yet been, and places I know and love. Asheville, Tacoma, Providence, Waterloo, Gloucester, Boulder, Iowa City, and many more stops, and places in between.

I’ll be driving vans and trailers of gear coast to coast repeatedly, wrenching on bikes, playing gear tetris in the storage trailer, and other background tasks to help enable some of the top racers in the country to focus on going faster on bikes then us mortals thought possible.

After the National Champsionships in Asheville, I have no work lined up yet, but I am sure it will be another exciting new adventure.

I am really stoked for this short life experience. I have always been internally wired with a nuanced version of the “Grass is always greener” saying, but for me “The grass is always greener when you don’t know what is on the other side”.

Everyday, something new.


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