Every year I get all these big ideas in my head. I guess that is what happens when you have all winter to look at maps  and dream of places that are not here. I feel like this year I have a ton of plans. I really just need to scratch that itch of being in new places, and seeing new things.   I hope to get them all  crossed off the list this year, and maybe more. There are still some months toward the end of the year I want to fill up with more trips, and I have a million ideas.  Let me know if you want to share a passenger seat or carpool or something. Lets make this a good year of new trails and hard challenges.

-Week in L.A.

-Can burn in hell. Maybe a small trip a few hours south to get some gravel training miles in for Trans-Iowa. It’s amazing how warm Carbondale usually is. Carbondale has some killer roads too.

– Landrun 100 in Oklahoma, with stops in Missouri and Arkansas for epic single track pre/post.


-Gravel Metric(volunteer)
-Dirty Kanza 200 (Single Speed)

-Chequamegon 100 (Single Speed)
-Trans-Iowa Masters Program (June or July)

-To be named 200k Axletree event

-Single Speed USA
-(MAYBE)Trans-northern Georgia

And then comes a big open space of time I need to fill. Between a Bro-Co trip, and a ton of over nighters around IL, we will see what trips we plan. Bikes.





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