Trek Stache

It is finally finished.
DSCN1962 DSCN1974 DSCN1969 DSCN1964

Now I just have to wait to ride real trails so I can get rowdy on it, and getting rowdy and throwing it around
is pretty much the reason I have this.

Also, since I have so many bikes this will be a bike I let friends borrow. I already have a few friends that want to give it a
go at a race or two next year. It is a 19″ so if it fits and you want to give it a ride let me know.

10,880 grams is the final weight, well, until I actually ride it and decide how much steer tube to chop.

This is quite the Christmas bicycle. The reason behind that is I was offered the wheels for $250 from a Trek employee, which
is a deal I couldn’t pass on. I am not an avid fan of Industry Nine wheels, but they were the steal of the day.

The carbon Thomson bars look pretty perfect with the seapost and stem.
The dual release on the XTR shifter is baller, and I love the drilled metal paddle.
The matching red tubeless valves are neato. I paid five more dollars to get them colored like that.
Most people would say that the 1×10 drivetrain setup with a 38t in front is too tall, but since the bike I usually pedal is a SS, this feels easy.
There are a bunch of mounts and cable routings on the frame I will never use, but options win over simplicity, I guess.
Tubeless. I am stoked on these tires, they are going to help me snag some nasty lines.
My plan of attack for this bike is to go down to Brown County and work until I clear the Schooner Trace trail, no foot downs. Current best = 4

I can not wait for sweaty days of carving berms hard, and boosting floaters and doubles. I wish I didn’t have to wait so long for fun riding.


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