Explorer Route #2

Route #1 was in a micro region of a river valley i love, and #2 follows suit. This ride is in the beautiful Rock river valley, and was where i did lots of training for Trans-iowa this spring. It has some wonderful rolling hills, grasslands, and trees.

There are a lot of roads out here that are great, and i couldn’t hit them all that i wanted to show, i got a great cross section in. You will have a fun ride, gather your friends to share it with.


Basically a big lollipop, so you will see a few hills and roads from both directions. I am personally in love with Twist road, and while the north half of it is on the route, you get bonus high-fives for riding the out and back to the south also. It is probably my favorite road in Illinois outside of the Shawnee or Driftless.
Feel free to park anywhere in Franklin grove, either Atlasta Park or anywhere downtown looks promising. There is a Casey’s in Franklin Grove, and another gas station in Grand Detour for refueling, so be prepared with at least 40 miles of water and food for the entire lollipop loop.  A few mile section of this is on a bike path, which mapmyride.com cues don’t really explain. Look this over in advance, it’s pretty easy.

Things to take pics off:
-John Deere sign, any of the many in Grand detour. The river landing one has nice bit of history on it.
-Mill Stones at Franklin Creek forest preserve. You will pass them twice on twist road.
-Remote Bike Path

I hope you love this area as much as i do, i still drive out there to ride these roads frequently. I look forward to your pictures and stories.



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