Explorer Series #1 (May)

First thing first, refresh your brain with the overview of the series.

Cool, now here is the first months route.


I wanted to start this series off with roads that are near and dear to my heart, they are the roads in the backyard of my hometown of 27 years. I spent many thousands of miles on them and know them well. I could not use every great road in the area, but i feel this is a great cross section of the roads i love. I hope you enjoy them as much as i do.

-The route is probably only 40% gravel, but a CX bike or bike with 28c tires isn’t a bad idea. It is a free country though, do as you will.
-I started the route at Silver Springs State park where there is a big parking lot, but you can start from where ever you choose, just ride every mile.

-In the route notes you will see the three things to photograph your bike in front of for proof of travel:
-The downed plane monument is “Dedicated to all farmers and Ag related business folks that have lived thru the ‘Agricultural Crash’ of the 1980’s.”
-Yogi Bear statue at the camp ground on Millbrook road.
-And the third one will be your choice. Take a photo of your bike in front of something that catches your eye, and send that as your third proof of travel.

Send pics, name, and other fun things to Chad (at) northcentralcyclery (dot) com.

Gather some friends,  take food, stop in a new store, have fun, explore.


One comment on “Explorer Series #1 (May)

  1. j. la kruz says:

    this is a cool idea man. as soon as derek and agatha are ready to ride bikes again we’ll have to get after this. reply back when complete!

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