I went to Barry-Roubaix.

My goals were simple.

Pedal this stupid 11-23t cassette up every hill with gusto.


Plus, it is a Dura-Ace cassette, so i was bound to be faster, it’s Dura-Ace.

One neat benefit i learned is that you can shift multiple gears without even effecting how your pedaling feels. Grab a handful of gears, BOOM, no difference.  Hit a big steep climb, BOOM, like riding a singlespeed.

Long story short i climbed every hill and was forced to keep my pace up higher then i would have if i had bailout gears. In the end i am glad i did this, for it’s persuasion effect it had on my legs.

Climbing slippery hills in a 23t with one hand holding a camera added to the fun. Pretty sure this guy had like a 56t cassette and two hands.


I rode with these guys for a long time too, Tati rep.



I didn’t get any pics of all the ice or huge pot holes on the course, but there was lots, at least on the 62 mile route.

Gore bike wear kept me alive as it always does. You need to buy a thousand dollars worth, it’s really that good. I can not wait to buy some summer bibs to try out, but the winter stuff has absolutely no equal.

Brenden, Tobie, Mike, and Myself had a great time, this one dude didn’t die, and i invited a stranger pro named Ernie to sleep in my room with me.

That is how you have a good weekend.


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