Frostbike 2012.


I look forward to it every year, and it is easily the most fun show all year in my book.
The culture, people, beer, food, events, hospitality, and tomfoolery that goes on makes you stoked to be there and already excited for the next iteration.

Days 1-2 were all about driving, meeting up with Scott & Phil from Salvagetti’s for some Pizza Luce, which for the 2nd consecutive year won
the “best pizza i ate all year award”, and hanging out with our inside/outside reps Brian & Brenden at Angry Catfish, which also won my award for “best bike/coffee shop” for the 2nd consecutive year. Lots of time to hangout these days, these were good days, and more was probably learned from each other here then during the actual show.

Days 3-4 are when the show floor opened up. I will touch on some of the interesting parts i saw.

Surly Ultra New Hubs.
New bearings, and a female axle. Really clean on the bike and since it is an allen wrench there is one less tool you have to carry around with you.

Hope 170mm hub and 135mm front. These will be the hot ticket hands down.
Also note in the bottom right corner a 1 piece chainring/bashguard. really sexy.

There is a new tire from Clement that looks fantastic, i think i shall own a pair at some point in the future.  Part of the tread is inspired  by a pair of North Face boots, and all of it is inspired by the new wave of gravel grinding going on. Expect 2 different compound in this tire, with some puncture protection.

The Ridley CX bikes look pretty nifty with Disc Brakes, i have to say.

45 North had the coolest display in the whole place, totally awesome.  It was made from real ice, and over the 2 days you could see the ice melting.
These studded Husker Du’s will be available around next august sometime, more then enough time for us to get a set on your bike for winter.
Featuring studs on the outer knobs, these look like they will be awesome for all of your winter months.

All City now has a Geared CX bike, the Macho Man.
They took the loved Nature Boy, added some nice dropouts, ran some cable guides that allow continuous housing along the seatstay, and put a barrel adjuster
behind the seat tube for the front derailleur. All nice touches for a geared bicycle.

Vee Rubber has a new $60 fat bike tire. I am not going to comment on it any more then that.

The salsa booth was setup really cool, every bike in there was one of the employee’s bikes, which showed how versatile and capable of bikes they are.
Fargo with Hunting Bow Mount and Fat Front? sure.

E13 is going to have a broader selection of hubs with various flanges out, along with rims. Looks like good stuff.

Whisky is going to have some rims available in the fall. Carbon, stealth, stiff.

10spd Sram Grip shift, make your snow bike happy.

The new Fizik Kurve saddle look great. really interested in some hours on one, i spun a few mins on one that was atop a campy 11spd electronic bike, and it seemed nice.  The rails and top are replaceable, or at least will be in the near future. You can also tune the firmness or softness by changing the tension on the upper. really nifty.

Cane Creek is awesome. Soon there will be a 110 model machined to look like a Thomson stem, so it will match perfectly. I already thought they make the best headsets, so this is cool. Made in good old North Carolina.

Once Again, Pizza Luce. Go get some.


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    Here are some better shots of the Studded Husker Du…thanks to the intrepid ChadQuest.

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