Making Macgyver Proud

A number of years ago on a non-eventful Halloween after noon around 5pm, a fellow named A-Town and myself had nothing to do. We commented that we should go riding someplace, and so we assigned numbers to a pair of dice, and rolled them. They landed on the number 5, which meant that we were in the car 2 hours later, driving to Letchworth State Park , in the State of New York. Going to a halloween party seemed lame in comparison to an instant road trip with 2 hours notice.

The trip was going to be for 3ish days, which really meant driving thursday night until we created Carcoon…………

Hanging out in Niagra Falls Friday…………………

And then going to sleep and riding all day Saturday…….


My crank bolt snapped.

Now you see, letchworth is a 25 mile point to point ride. When my crank bolt snapped, we were about 8 miles out. Nice.
Luckily, the bolt holds the left arm on, meaning that the right arm with the chainrings was still working, just sliding around.
So i did the only thing i could, i rode back to the car with one leg, and took a pavement shortcut. Thanks to whoever invented clipless pedals.

Now, we had drove so far to ride this trail, and only rode a segment.Looking up bike shops it seemed all of them within a 2 hour radius were closed on Sunday, we had no other choice if we wanted to ride, and there was no option of giving up. Walmart.

There was no plan, it was a simple macgyver mission.  Find something and make it work.
There was discussion of just pulling out rolls of toilet paper and falling asleep behind them, hobo style in walmark, sleeping in dressing rooms, etc.
And then, after walking around for over half an hour, a trip down the the isle where the keep the bathroom hardware…….was THIS.

A super out of focus Turn Buckle and Washers!

They were not the right thread for my cranks, BUT,  i was able to Macgyver these parts to run through my crankset and hold my left arm on,and hit my ankles.

Yes, those were sticking out on both sides, hitting my ankles for the remaining 25 miles of trail we had remaining, and it was glorious.
We were able to ride Letchworth in its entirety, and check it off the list.

There is always a solution if you work hard enough.

Ride On.


2 comments on “Making Macgyver Proud

  1. RD says:

    I would have taken a hammer to that protruding eyelet to make it lay flat. Nice story.

    • chadquest says:

      With more time to tinker and some extra tools in my toyota that would have helped a lot. I was worried about snapping the cheap metal into a sharp point to rub against though.

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