Snow Bike Enduro 2012

Last weekend TJ, Nick, and Myself made the drive up to Wisconson for the 2012 Snow Bike Enduro. As with every event run by the individual known as Gomez, this was an awesome time. I did not participate in the race, but was there in support of mechanical needs, selling tires to those who were unfortunate enough to be running the Endo/Larry combo,  hanging out/heckling, and representing North Central Cyclery.

I did get to make it out and poach two laps from the course early in the day, and near the end of the race, in order to feel out the course and bikes. Thanks to Brenden(of QBP fame) and myself alternating holding the fort this was possible.

Oh,I forgot to mention Cupcake.

Yes, i know what your thinking.
“Is that a Super Soaker CPS 2000 filled with Labat Blue?”
“Is he really shooting that at the racers? During a race?”
“He really calls himself “cupcake?””

Yes, Yes, and Yes.

So our hangout was right at the Start finishline, so we had the prime position to heckle, and Cupcake had the prime position to shot people with his Beerzooka. It was a great setup, we were in the midst of the action, never felt secluded, and got the chance to hang out with lots of people coming up to chat about all the bikes/tires we had on display.

But back to that course. It was really neat. I used my onboard GPSWTFBBQ to map this exact course route.

It started with a long uphill to the east in an open field, followed by lots of switchbacks in the woods coming down. I was riding a 19″ Mukluk with the Endo/Larry combo, and after starting with 12psi or so i realized i needed way less, so i aired down to 5psi or so eventually, worked tons better, but i still had to stay on all ten of my toes. Chris Jenson(of Nuke Proof web developing fame) said that after he bought a set of Husker Du tires from us his lap times were not only way faster, but also significantly way more bad ass. Nice job 45 north. Butch has made some cool single track here, go ride it at Canopy Tours in Lake Geneva.

Luckily there was the snow for this event to happen, a gang of clouds passed over head just the day before and were very generous with their snow giving.
Many other events this year were not so lucky, and had to be cancelled. Those of us with Fat bikes can only hope for more snow for the remainder of the years events, and then keep riding our Fat bikes anyway into the summer. They are too fun to put down.

For more pics from the event check out KrateCraig’s Flickr. Good stuff.

Mukluk and Pugsley get their game faces on.

One comment on “Snow Bike Enduro 2012

  1. KrateKraig says:

    Love the GPS course map. I may have to disqualify my race results for cutting the course, I don’t remember riding in the cemetery that much! Hahaha!

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