DT SWISS 36t Star Ratchet Upgrade

DT Swiss makes some seriously nice stuff. They are the gold standard for spokes in the industry, but in my view they have some of the best hubs out there too. They are light, reliable, look good on the bike, and also on a gram scale, and have decent engagement…..unless you get the $40 36t upgrade that DOUBLES the number of engagement points, then your hub is purring like a kitten on Methylenedioxymethamphetamine .
I have had  a few sets of wheels with DT Swiss made hubs and just now got around to buying the upgrade, i honestly never knew it was so affordable.

The install was easy, the hubs come apart without tools, and the parts just pop in and out, so anyone with the mechanical aptitude to work a microwave can do this in under ten minutes and be grinning from the new tight sound of quick 10 degree engagement.  It starts to sound slightly reminiscent of a Chris king hub……..but i guess i will let you decide with a video. Before and After.

With everything considered, this upgrade is a no brainer, the benefit/dollar ratio is massive, and needs to be done by anyone with a DT Swiss hub.
Another thing to note is that these weigh in around 10 grams less then the stock internals. bonus points.


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