180- Mile Practice Ride

With the looming terror known as Fruit Loop approaching quickly i decided that i needed to do a longer ride to see how my equipment and nutrition selections were doing.

The plan was to do about 180 miles from my house in Plano, to Genoa City Wisconson, then out east to Wheaton, then back to my house. Jim Sip accepted the invite and came along for the scenery. Having Jimmy along kept the pace a bit higher then if had i been alone, and his conversation was nice, however he did have a rather inconveniently located hole in his lycra that kept me from having someone to draft off of the entire time.

I learned some important things about nutrition, and the most important one is probably just to intake more of it. Unless i eat bars non-stop i absolutely have to get some real solid food for my stomach to process. I learned around mile 80 that Veggie Burritos are very quickly digested by your body when it is craving food, i also learned shortly after around mile 95 that Bib Shorts do in fact have a weakness, most notably when combined with a public restroom.

The ride was actually very easy until mile 150, this is when we hit a wall and just wanted to sleep. I think our bodies had just used all available energy and nutrients and had nothing to run off of, and wanted to go lights out. We managed to get the additional 30 miles home and even had strength in our legs, it was just mentally very challenging.

Things I will do different for Fruit Loop:
-Take Chamois Butter
-Eat/Drink even more
-Sleep well night before
-Install compact crank


One comment on “180- Mile Practice Ride

  1. Mike Feller says:

    Make sure you put some miles on the compact crank prior to game time. Looks like you’re having fun, good luck in your adventures.


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