On the hunt for Sand Worms

Spent the day at the Warren Dunes up in Michigan the other day and i decided i had to take my Mukluk. I had the chance to ride it a good amount in the snow this last winter, including a 18″ blizzard, but sand was an all new experience.

The sand along the beach was packed smooth from the water and was really easy to ride on, almost as if pavement due to the wide tires, though slower rolling of course, it was when i got away from the waters influence that things got harder.

The rest of the sand was as loose as it gets, and pushed about by thousands of beach people,  and i was basically riding in my lowest 3 gears the whole time.
It was manageable to ride in for sure, i just had to be careful not to turn to sharp at all. I know had i ran a lower air pressure this would have been much easier, as i left it up near 10psi.

Being at the dunes i knew i had to carry this monster to the top of the big dune and ride it down. I have climbed it many times, turns out it’s a bit more strenuous with a 33lb bike in your arms.  It was worth it, alot of fun.

So the next plans for the Mukluk are going to be Front/Rear Minimalist Racks, Anything Cages W/ Nalgene bottles, a cage & flask inside, and a bashguard where the  big ring is and a guard on the inside leaving 2 rings i can switch manually. we’ll see how that works. This is a really fun bike, and i’ve been having fun on it year round on the snow, the beach, and running errands around town.


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