First Century of 2011

Written April 12th 2011.

After i got out of school today i got the word that the rest of my day was open. There actually was alot of things i could have done, but when the weather is 70f and sunny in april, you gotta take advantage of it.

So i hoped on the road bike and pedaled, not really having much more of a plan then checking out 3 roads i had never been down before, i wanted to see what they were like and where they went.

I explored for hours, and found quite a few massive(illinois) hills, one of them so steep and gravel that in my lowest 34/28t gear i could not climb it because it was too steep and loose. It was amazing and i was laughing. I really love the illinois river valley for this reason. I ended up riding over 100-miles, and climbing 1,600 feet vertically, pretty good for a afternoon exploring ride. I lerned alot of new roads that im sure i will take others on this year too. Get out and explore.


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