Winter….has finally hit Awesome


I have hated winter for all my life. loathed it. I have talked about spur-o-the-moment moves to the southern states because of winter. Now i think i can take it. I have a Snow Bike, and am surrounded by people who ride them. Last saturday we did a big snow bike race up at Kettle Moraine and it was a blast. there is nothing like racing on single track in the woods on snow on them fat tires, then relaying your bike off to your teammate and grabbing a beer…..then Repeat, for hours, amongst a hundred other people who love bikes enough to hangout outside for 5+hours in the sub-freezing conditions. such a great time.

I have thoughts about doing some commutes on this Mukluk, and i think a few will happen. I have too, i have the bike and the desire, now to get the final pieces of clothing and do some adventure. If nothing else it will get me ready for spring. Time to toughen up Chad, and prove your mettle.


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